No Items in Your Cart If you don't find a book you are looking for on our site, here are a few other places to search for great independently published books.

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Find books at your wonderful nearby independent bookstore! The IndieBound program helps you to find any book you want at a store close to home. While you're shopping at your local store, we hope you will put in a good word for the books fron independent publishers!

BCH (formerly Book Clearing House) is an important partner to many small presses, helping to distribute their titles. Upper Access ran a fulfillment service for ten years, then decided to drop it because it was detracting from what we most wanted to do—publishing. We were thrilled when BCH agreed to take over that part of our business. They're the best.

In Association with Amazon, of course, is no longer just a bookstore, but a source for a wide range of merchandise. Although it is a huge corporation, its deep selection of book titles means that it carries many small-press books that are hard to find elsewhere. We think of it as a backup, to order books that we can't find in our local independent bricks-and-mortar stores.

Barnes and Noble also carries a great many small-press titles, particularly on its Web site.

Independent Publishers of New England is one of several trade organizations in which we're active. It's a diverse group, ranging from well-known independent presses to brand new one-book publishers. This directory gives links to the member sites, so you can take a look at their offerings.

Midpoint Trade Books is a leading trade distributor for independent publishers, and handles most trade sales of Upper Access titles. If you are a bookstore owner or buyer, be sure to check out their selection of titles from hundreds of outstanding small presses.

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