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  • Copyright 1994
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Death Notification
A Practical Guide to the Process


If it is your job to notify a family that a death has occurred—or is soon expected—how do you do it right? Using vivid examples, Leash guides the reader through this difficult task in a wide variety of situations. His research and personal experience will help you to meet the family's needs in a constructive, helpful way—and to avoid the all-too-common mistakes that can compound the tragedy. Important reading for physicians, nurses, emergency personnel, clergy, law enforcement, military, and social workers.

What People are Saying

"This sensitive, insightful and extremely helpful guide should be read by all health-care providers."
—Thomas A. Raffin, M.D., Co-Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford University

"This book brings sensitivity, empathy, dignity, and respect to a process that tends to devastate both the giver and the receiver of the ultimate bad news."
—LTC Terry A. Dempsey, Chief of Chaplains, U.S. Department of Defense

"We have only one chance to tell a family that a loved one has died. Mr. Leash's book can help us to do it right the first time."
—Frank Nieto, LCSW, Social Work Director, University of California Davis Medical Center

"Death Notification should be read by every police officer and every officer in training!"
—Kevin P. Scully, Chief of Police, Burlington, Vermont

"I would recommend this text to nurses as a comprehensive guide to death notification."
—Annita B. Watson, Chair, Division of Nursing, California State University, Sacramento

"An informative and well-written text that covers many complex issues surrounding this topic."
—Dr. Ian C. Hood, Deputy Medical Examiner, Philadelphia, Pa.


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