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Dealing Creatively with Death (14th Edition)
A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial

By Ernest Morgan

This book is a true classic—more than 300,000 copies have been sold in its various editions. With every edition, it has grown and improved. Jessica Mitford, in a foreword to the book, credits it as a major influence in the research and writing of her all-time best seller, The American Way of Death.

Ernest Morgan worked with us conscientiously to update and improve the material, to make it the best edition ever. By the fall of 2000, with his final approval, we sent the book to the printer, with a formal publication date of January, 2001. While the book was at the printer, Ernest passed away, at age 95. He left behind a magnificent book.

Dealing Creatively with Death is a small encyclopedia on death-related problems: social, emotional, philosophical and practical. It is written simply and sensitively, drawing substantially on direct experience. It includes the following, along with reference sources:

  • DEATH EDUCATION—As a preparation for living. Facts, philosophy, advice that everyone needs. A text for classes.
  • LIVING WITH DYING—The philosophy and practice of hospice. Personal experience in home care. Relating to a dying person. Home care for AIDS patients.
  • BEREAVEMENT—Personal experiences. Group support. Dealing creatively with grief. How death can illuminate life.
  • THE RIGHT TO DIE—The right to decline treatment. The problem of suicide. Helping someone to die. How to plan ahead.
  • SIMPLE BURIAL AND CREMATION—Why are most funerals costly? The values of simplicity. Methods of Planning. Advice on pre-need contracts.
  • FUNERAL CONSUMER ORGANIZATIONS—Democratic, nonprofit societies, affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance. These volunteer groups help families get the services they want at prices they can afford.
  • DEATH CEREMONIES—Important in meeting the social and emotional needs of the survivors. How to plan them. Examples.
  • HOW THE DEAD CAN HELP THE LIVING—How to bequeath bodies, tissues and organs to save lives and help train doctors. Details.
And of course, there is much more. Gathered together and written by a kind, gentle, and brilliant man who devoted much of his life to helping others understand, and accept, death.

What People are Saying

"Ernest Morgan was immeasurably helpful when I was writing The American Way of Death, and for years thereafter as we fought in our respective communities what one writer called "the battle of the Bier Barons."
--Jessica Mitford

"I have used this book for years, and love it."
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"This book has helped countless families to save money while saying goodbye in a more meaningful way."
--Lisa Carlson, Executive Director, Funeral Ethics Organization


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