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Editing Made Easy
Simple Rules for Effective Writing

By Bruce Kaplan

Editing Made Easy is a quick, easy-to-read book that will help you communicate clearly and professionally. You will learn how to:

  • make your writing more exciting and dynamic.
  • avoid the most common errors of grammar and spelling.
  • understand the styles of print and online media.
  • avoid typographical and factual errors.
  • improve the chances of having your work published.
An international edition of Editing Made Easy, originally published in Australia, is a best-selling resource for writers throughout much of the English-speaking world. Now, the author has completely rewritten it to cover the rules and conventions of American English. IPNE Book-Of-The-Year-Finalist

What People are Saying


(Reviewer: Stacey Rae Brownlie, Franklin & Marshall Coll. Lib., Lancaster, PA)

In this U.S. edition of his Australian book of the same title, longtime newspaper editor Kaplan offers no-frills advice to self-editors. He stresses the value of writers who know how to edit their own work. His approach is similar to Bruce Ross-Larson's Edit Yourself. In 37 short chapters, Kaplan covers most thorny writing difficulties, such as split infinitives, tautologies, and misplaced modifiers. This is a book with lots of lists and white space: it would seem just as well suited to use in a digital format as in the traditional print version. The book's portability and its low price make it especially useful for college students and bloggers. VERDICT This affordable, bare-bones guide will appeal to writers (and others who have to write) - especially those who like referring to a handy list of do's and don'ts.


(The Writing/Publishing Shelf)

It is rare that even an experienced and successful author has not needed the services of an editor. In "Editing Made Easy: Simple Rules for Effective Writing," Bruce Kaplan draws upon his more than forty years of professional experience and expertise as a newspaper copy editor and an editorial trainer to create a succinct, thoroughly 'user friendly,' 112-page compendium of instruction, information, commentary, examples, and techniques for editing a manuscript to make the writing energized, engaging, and just plain better. "Editing Made Easy" lays out common errors of grammar and spelling; reveals how best to avoid typographical and factual errors; become informed as to the diverse styles of print and the varied online media. One of the principal reasons for the novice author to give "Editing Made Easy" a careful reading is to substantially improve their chances of having their manuscripts published, and as published books have them achieve a marketplace success. Covering the rules and conventions of American English, "Editing Made Easy" is informed, informative, and highly recommended for both personal reference shelves and community library Writing/Publishing instructional collections.


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