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Submitting a Book Proposal

Upper Access is a tiny company. We usually publish no more than three titles per year, and some years fewer, or even none, if we are exploring new projects or new ways to share content. We receive about 100 book proposals per month, many of which are excellent, but unfortunately we must turn down the vast majority of them.

If you wish to submit a proposal, please e-mail us. Describe your book very briefly. Tell us the reason for writing it, and who will benefit from reading it. Explain what the market is for the book, and what you will plan to do to help sell it. Describe any platform you have for getting the word out.

Do not attach a document to your initial e-mail. If we are interested, we will contact you for additional information.

We apologize for not being more encouraging. We love books, and we enjoy meeting new authors! We like to offer encouragement, particularly through the small-press orgizations we work with--Independent Book Publishers Association and Independent Publishers of New England. So if your book looks like it would fit into our line of publications, feel free to email us. But email other publishers at the same time, knowing that we can publish only a very few of the excellent books that come our way.


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