Most of our successful books are nonfiction, but we couldn't resist the chance to publish Matthys Levy's powerful new novel, Building Eden. CLICK HERE for information.

Memory Warp, Mark Pendergrast's new book, shows how the discredited "False Memory" craze, which destroyed millions of American families in the 1990s, is coming back in terrifying ways CLICK HERE for information.

John Abraham's book How to Get the Death You Want is already in its second printing, thanks to the terrific reviews and endorsements by experts. CLICK HERE for information.

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What is Upper Access? Our niche is a broad one: nonfiction books to improve the quality of life. We are a traditional, royalty-paying publisher, but on a tiny scale, with no more than a handful of new titles per year.


Our shopping cart is safe but simple, for retail orders of books to be shipped within the U.S. Standard shipping is $5 for the full order, Expedited is $13 for the full order. For Vermont addresses, 6% sales tax is

Metcalf Pond during foliage season

Vacation Cottage Rental

Year-Round Cottage on Metcalf Pond, near Smugglers Notch ski area in Fletcher, Vermont Enjoy world-class skiing in winter, fishing and swimming in summer, and a relaxing getaway any time of year. This large cottage is on Metcalf Pond, a small

Do you have questions about home repairs, maintenance, or remodeling? Henri de Marne has the answers. We're proud to publish his book, and his blog. Subscribe to the blog for free!

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  • A note about publishing dates and bookstores
    Usually, books arrive from the printer ahead of the formal “publishing date” which is set well in advance. For example, our newest title, […]
  • Skeptic Magazine Reviews Memory Warp
    A highly detailed and favorable review of Mark Pendergrast’s book Memory Warp appears in the new issue of Skeptic magazine. You can read it […]
  • Holiday gift reminder
    Of all of our titles, the perennial favorite for holiday gift-giving is About the House With Henri de Marne. For homeowners, it’s a resource to […]
  • Memory Warp How the Myth of Repressed Memory Arose and Refuses to DieMemory Warp available now
    Mark Pendergrast’s much anticipated new book, Memory Warp: How the Myth of Repressed Memory Arose and Refuses to Die, is now available. If for […]
  • Thanks for your patience with our site
    In a small business like ours, a complete redesign of the Web site doesn’t happen overnight. A few months ago, faced with a need to adapt […]