Book Orders

Call 802-482-2988. Or click on the “Books” tab on this site.  For questions about the books we carry you may email the publisher at

Vacation Cottage Reservations

Call 802-482-2988. Or place a deposit on the “Vacation Cottage Rentals” on this site. To email questions about the cottages,


For unsolicited author queries, submit a brief description, including author credentials and potential market for the book, to Do not include any attachments, and do not place unsolicited telephone calls to the office. If you send an unsolicited manuscript by mail, we cannot guarantee to return it, even if you include return postage. (Sorry! We love authors, but we get hundreds of queries per month and generally can publish only two or three per year. Any “sales pitch” for your work should be included in the email as part of your query.)

Book Reviewers and Journalists

Call 802-482-2988, or email

Sales Calls

We cannot take unsolicited sales calls, period. If you do business with us regularly and wish to discuss your products or services, send us an email, in which you may request to set up a time to talk. If you offer book publishing services (book printing, editing, etc.) send us an email and we will add your name to a tickler file to contact if we have an appropriate project. But please understand that if we get an unsolicited sales call, we will never buy your product or service, even if it is the best.

Publishers’ Assistant Software

We no longer publish software, although of course we still use Publishers’ Assistant to run our business. For current information about it, the main Web site for PubAssist is