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Letters from the Other Side

With Love, Harry and Helen

Written Down By Mary Blount White

Blind since childhood, Mary Blount White was limited in what she could write. Yet after her brother and sister had died, she asked her father for a pencil and began to transcribe messages by automatic handwriting. She said, “I felt as if I held a galvanic battery in my hand.” Between 1913 and 1917 she received scores of letters from Harry and Helen, describing life after death. Their straight talk about the need for peace, tolerance of others, individual responsibility, and existence on other planes has impressed many and is still relevant today.

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Table of Contents

A new introduction: Why these letters are being published now
Prefatory Note, 1917.
Introduction, 1917.

  1. This is no holy place…Sin is not what you and I thought it was.
  2. Form, tone, color, spirit: words fail…A suggestion suffices for the moment.
  3. Arrival on the other side.
  4. Accounting for others…And early speculation about reincarnation.
  5. A signature.
  6. Art is eternal, and goes right across the border called death.
  7. Vibrations…Helping those who have not yet run their course.
  8. Gaining power through unselfish work.
  9. A square deal…You yourself are judge and jury.
  10. The Law…And guarding against leaks in vitality.
  11. Old Kate…Black and white are not skin colors here.
  12. The bright country higher up…Truth is the most withering thing in the universe.
  13. Small powers of loving are what destroy bodies.
  14. About cremation and embalming.
  15. Dr. M…Victimized by the spirit world.
  16. Bridging the gulf…Harry’s ascention.
  17. False messages from harpies and vampires.
  18. Enthusiasm is a life giver.
  19. True values can melt troubles like a snow bank in July.
  20. Eternal brotherhood…We rise and fall together.
  21. The significance of colors.
  22. Building spiritual bodies.
  23. The highest joy: Giving up of self.
  24. How to create conditions to receive spiritual love.
  25. Love, serve…Escaping the lower soul element.
  26. Vital force: Magnetism, drain and rest.
  27. Focus you will with glad heart…Form is transient, mind is substance.
  28. There must be a plan, a vision…before anything can materialize.
  29. The War (W.W.1)…Without friendship, none ever really conquers.
  30. How to qualify for immortality.
  31. We generate our own light.
  32. Quests for information.
  33. The dead are no more holy than they were before they died.
  34. The gift of an able transmitter…And more about harpies and vampires.
  35. Notes to Mamie from Grandma E.
  36. Citizens of the world.
  37. Stages of development…Correcting earlier judgements.
  38. Reincarnation…The path toward the light.
  39. There is no injustice…and no torment equal to a baffled desire to serve.
  40. Listen to your inner voice.
  41. The power of art…Beauty is never useless.
  42. Each soul has a special perfume.
  43. Other planets…New insights from outer space: There are many roads to glory.
  44. Learning from past lives…Rubbing in truth until it reaches the bone.
  45. Belive in change and growth…The goal is to become, not to get.
  46. A true musician must have a worthy message.
  47. More on reincarnation…Advice is useless until it is desired.
  48. Work and play, give and take, struggle and rest.
  49. Our thoughts create our future environments.
  50. Germany in 1915: Worldly success built on sand.
  51. Karma.
  52. Equality of the heart and liberty of the soul.
  53. A life close to nature.
  54. Of service in France (W.W.1).
  55. The world is sick of war.
  56. A harmonious spot on earth is a harbor from evil influences.
  57. A mother’s duty.
  58. Camarade Blanc is no fancy.
  59. Ambition to service…Seeking rebirth until savage impulses are outgrown.
  60. Papa arrives.
  61. Helen’s last letter.