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The Upper Access Directory of Experts is a feature for journalists.

It includes several of the Upper Access authors who are actively available for interviews and expert commentary on subjects that are in the news. Click on the icon next to the author’s name for more information. For additional information or to arrange an interview, contact Steve Carlson at 1-800-310-8320, or 802-482-2988, or

Protection of Consumer Rights in Dealing With the Funeral Industry
(two author/experts)

Lisa Carlson is a consumer advocate and occasional hell-raiser, helping people to control the funeral arrangements for their loved ones without being exploited by the funeral industry. She is executive director of the nonprofit Funeral Ethics Organization. She is co-author of Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death. On a lighter note, she’s also the author of I Died Laughing: Funeral Education with a Light Touch, a collection of jokes and cartoons that can serve as icebreakers to discuss the inevitable and begin the planning process.

Joshua Slocum is the current executive director of Funeral Consumers Alliance. With over 100 local chapters nationwide, FCA is the primary voice for consumers in dealing with the funeral industry. Now, he has joined forces with Lisa Carlson as co-author of the ultimate funeral consumer handbook, Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death. He is a dynamic public speaker, and often consulted on funeral issues by government officials, lawyers, and journalists.

In addition to the book, Slocum and Carlson have joined forces with their informative Web site,

A Trusted Expert on Home Repair and Remodeling

Henri de Marne writes the column “First Aid for the Ailing House,” syndicated by Universal Uclick (formerly United Feature Syndicate) in newspapers throughout the US and Canada. The column has been running for over 38 years, and in that time he has answered questions about just about every issue a homeowner can face. Now, he is attracting new readers with his popular blog site, About the House with Henri de Marne. The site and the book with the same title are published by Upper Access

A Sailor’s First-Hand Accounts of Environmental Decline

Myron Arms is a small-boat sailor whose observations and writings about the northern ocean have fascinated sailing enthusiasts and environmentalists for over 40 years. His highly acclaimed and most recent book, True North: Journeys into the Great Northern Ocean, chronicles decades of adventure and thrilling landscapes that may never be seen again. Another book, Servants of the Fish: A Portrait of Newfoundland after the Great Cod Collapse, is a gripping and detailed first-hand account of a major environmental disaster, including interviews of the players—the fishermen, the business people, the politicians.

Understanding the Science Behind Global Warming

Matthys Levy is author or co-author of several books that make complex science readily accessible to the layperson. These include the best-selling Why Buildings Fall Down, Structural Design in Architecture, Why the Earth Quakes, Earthquake Games, and Engineering the City. In his new book, Why the Wind Blows: A History of Weather and Global Warming, he tackles the most serious environmental issues facing the world today.

A Searing Critique of U.S. Policies

Frances Hill is widely known as the historian who brought us detailed accounts of one of the most fascinating periods of American history, the Salem witch trials. She has now found chilling similarities between the Puritan ideologues of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the neoconservative ideologues of the Bush Administration. Her analysis appears in the controversial new book, Such Men are Dangerous: The Fanatics of 1692 and 2004. A professional journalist whose background includes both print and broadcast media, Hill can provide fascinating historical information and sharp analysis of today’s world events

New Takes on the Vietnam War by a Disabled Veteran

Lawrence McAuliffe has unique credentials to discuss the impact on Americans of the Vietnam war. After having completed service as a Marine lieutenant, he returned to serve as a Catholic chaplain up along the DMZ in 1968-’69, and is a disabled veteran of that conflict. His new novel, Purple Sun, is a gripping saga that keeps readers turning the pages to follow the plot, while casting new light on questions of war and peace, life and death, heroism, and many of the other issues that are again prominent in American discourse today. Those writing news and features, or hosting talk shows that cover those subjects, are finding that Lawrence McAuliffe has insights unique to a man who went through his intense experiences.

New Hope for Children with ADHD

Stephen C. Putnam is starting a revolution in the way medical professionals think about—and treat—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His book, Nature’s Ritalin for the Marathon Mind: Nurturing your ADHD Child with Exercise, shows that exercise has the same benefits as prescription drugs, without the unwanted side effects. While medication may also be needed in many cases, regularly scheduled aerobic exercise is now increasingly accepted as a way to treat ADHD and greatly improve quality of life.

Advice for Savvy Homeowners

Kitty Werner has been giving advice to homeowners for years on everything from maintenance and repairs to insurance and property taxes. Her new book is The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Owning a Home: How to Care For, Improve and Maintain Your Home.

Recovered Memories of Abuse and Suggestive Interviewing of Children

Mark Pendergrast is a journalist and author of several books, including Victims of Memory: Sex Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives, widely acclaimed as the most thorough coverage of the “recovered memory” controversy. Although this form of therapy is now almost universally rejected by mainstream mental-health professionals, Pendergrast notes that it continues to pull apart a great many families, and may possibly be a factor in a few of the allegations of pedophilia by priests.