Upper Access has been in business since 1986, and we have almost never changed any of our contact information. But now we are in the process of simplifying. We are ridding ourselves of several redundant email addresses and phone numbers. From now on:

  • The only phone number (for phone or text) is 802-482-2988. Please use this sparingly. You will usually get a more thoughtful response if you send an email, which we can read and think about it when we have time.
  • To reach the publisher, Steve Carlson, email steve@upperaccess.com.
  • For general Upper Access business, email upperaccessbooks@gmail.com.
  • We do not have a physical storefront. If you send written material, the mailing address is 87 Upper Access Road, Hinesburg, VT 05461.

So please, throw away any other phone numbers of email addresses you may have stored. And, as always, please understand that we never buy anything that is offered in unsolicited sales calls, period. Even if it is something we might otherwise buy. We are very busy, and nobody here is sitting around hoping for phone calls or texts from sales people. We are generally very nice, but unsolicited calls make us very crabby.

Please update your contact information for us!

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