Fletcher Cottage 1- Reserve


This large, attractive cottage is on a scenic Vermont lake, surrounded by some of Vermont’s most beautiful countryside. Ski in winter, fish and swim in summer, enjoy a scenic getaway at any time.



Secure Cart for Cottage Deposits

Please note: When you use this page to make a deposit, your card will be charged immediately while you are on-line. Therefore, it is important to be sure of all details of your reservation before proceeding. You may do so by contacting the owners, Steve and Lisa Carlson, by e-mail or telephone:

  • Call toll-free 1-800-310-8320 or, if that is not available from your location, our regular phone number is 802-482-2988.
  • E-mail us at cottage (at) upperacccess.com.

You may also conveniently pay your deposit by telephone, using the above phone numbers. This page is strictly to provide a secure way to pay on-line if you prefer to do so. When you do so, you will receive a prompt acknowledgment, sent automatically under our name by our credit-card gateway service. Later, you will receive a more formal and individual response from us, specifying the reservation dates and all related information.

If you wish to refer back to specific details about a cottage, please return to the cottage description pages beginning at upperaccess.com/cottages. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you during your visit.

All reservations are subject to our standard rental agreement posted here.

View of cottage in summer

Credit-Card deposit for rental
$100 deposit reserves for up to one week

Fletcher Cottage 1- Reserve


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