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 Publishers' Assistant

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Free on-line tutorials to lead you through the various features of Publishers’ Assistant software.

An article in Publishers Weekly, on why industry-specific software is essential for publishing success.

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Features of Publishers’ Assistant:

  • User-friendly—no extensive training needed.
  • Fast and thorough—makes quick work of invoicing, mail list, and other routine office functions.
  • Handles royalties, commissions, consignment, inventory, review copies, backorders, standing orders, subscriptions, and other issues specific to the publishing industry.
  • Easily produces billing statements, sales and marketing reports, customized mail lists…crunching numbers and arranging information to make your publishing business more productive.
  • The power and features of other industry-specific software programs without the expense.
  • Easy to customize. If there are any features you need that don’t come with the basic program, you can customize at much lower cost than with other programs.
  • The program grows with your company. Use it when you start out as a small one-or-two person publisher, and it will continue to meet your needs as you expand into major publishing house.
  • You own the software once you purchase it. Unlike “cloud-based” software, you do not need to share your sensitive database with other vendors, and you do not need to pay forever in order to avoid losing all of your data.
Versions and Prices:

Ever notice how other software vendors won’t even tell you the prices unless you endure a half-hour sales pitch first? Not so with Publishers’ Assistant.

  • The Lyric version (full program, but just one user) costs $49. That’s a one-time charge–you own the software.
  • The Epic version is multi-user. It comes with Couplet software and all the user help you may need at no extra charge. The price is $35 per month, with a commitment of 12 months. After that, you still own the software, and can choose whether or not to continue the maintenance agreement.
  • Couplet makes it easy to manage your metadata and your contact information, in concert with Publihers’ Assistant. It comes at no charge with Epic, or it can be purchased separately for $99.

To place an order for Publishers’ Assistant Lyric Edition, for $49, Click Here.

To place an order for Publishers’ Assistant Epic Edition (first month, $35, with commitment for minimum of twelve months) Click Here.

For questions about ordering, contact Steve Carlson at Upper Access, at 802-482-2988 or