In a small business like ours, a complete redesign of the Web site doesn’t happen overnight. A few months ago, faced with a need to adapt better to small screens, we took the plunge with a great small company, Goodlinklings, to completely restructure the site that had been gradually evolving since 1995. It was like gutting and rebuilding an old house, and we–the occupants–chose to do most of the finish work ourselves. We’re doing this as we have time, and going through learning curves with the newer technology.

But you are likely to still find many pages with imperfect or missing graphics, links that need updating, page arrangements that can be made more intuitive for the reader. We are working on this, whenever we have a free moment, during a busy time of publishing new books and other projects.

If you have difficulty finding information you are seeking, please let us know. The best way to reach us is usually to email the publisher, Steve Carlson, at We are eager to answer any questions about Upper Access, our books, the “About the House” blog, and our vacation cottages.

Thanks for your patience with our site

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