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Back in 1995, relatively few small businesses had Web sites, but as owners of Upper Access, my wife, Lisa, and I figured this might be the wave of the future. So we bought a book on HTML and programmed our first site with WordPerfect for DOS, FTPing the files to a local college that agreed to host us. This was definitely the first time we ever thought “FTP” could be a verb, but we were dealing with college geniuses so we took their word for it. (Little did we know that “friend” would someday become a verb as well.) Everybody we talked with who could get on the Internet agreed it was one of the best-looking darn sites they’d ever seen, but perhaps they were just being polite.

With advances in computer technology, the site has evolved a lot since that time, with mostly incremental–but constant–changes. But recently, it became clear that the whole thing would need to  be rewritten. Loyal customers were calling up and saying the site is too hard to read on their phones. And Google was saying it will punish anybody with a site that doesn’t adapt to small screens. So we took the plunge and brought in an expert, Laura Williams of Goodinklings, to design us a site that will meet the expectations of people in 2017.

Laura did an amazing job–more quickly than we expected! She transferred over most of the content from the old site, arranging it in ways that make sense with today’s browsers and devices.

But of course, sometimes old content does not fit new formats very well. We’re working on that–rewriting as we have time, while still publishing new books and carrying on all the other day-to-day activities of a small business. If you find something on the site that doesn’t work as well as it should, please drop me a note at We’re proud of the new look, and trying to catch up to it in our presentation of content as quickly as we can, so any comments or advice will be appreciated. In the meantime, at the very least you can probably read this on your phone.

Welcome to our newly designed site!
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